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Hand CPM (Continuous Passive Motion)

Hand CPM for Orthopedic rehab

Continuous Passive Motion is important for successful hand rehabilitation. Whether you need lightweight, standard, or heavy duty hand CPM, MD Orthopedics can provide exactly what you need. CPM is used for building range of motion in knee, shoulder, elbow and hand.

We have the most advanced CPM machines available on the market today. Our CPM machines are from the top manufacturers such as Smith & Nephew-Rolyan/Kinetic and Fast Start. We carry CPM machines for all extremities as well as CPMs that are adaptable for small-limbed adults and pediatrics.

Call us at 1-800-820-9585 or (818) 727-9600 to discuss required range of motion and other requirements for your hand rehabilitation.

MD Orthopedics provides insurance billing for all private, Medicare or worker's compensation. MD Orthopedics cannot guarantee the amount that will be paid by insurance, Medicare, or worker's comp insurance.


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